Friday, February 22, 2008

All hail the weekend!

Well, it's the weekend! And thank goodness!!! I'm planning on taking some time and writing more on my story over the next few days. Of course, I'll be catching up on some much needed sleep as well, haha!
While a nap did sound really nice after work today, I decided to jump ahead in the storyline and worked on a fight scene I've been thinking about for a some time now. I probably didn't get as much progress as I should have but I couldn't help but stumble over initial details and I took a little longer than I had hoped on getting the general flow right. You see, I'm trying to break this old habit with my writing where for some stupid reason I feel like I have to have it perfect on the first go. This makes the writing process a little awkward sometimes as I catch myself getting far too wrapped up in semantics and staring at the screen, hoping for the right words to come to the surface. I am getting better though, I mean, at least I recognize the problem. I am coming to accept the idea of the draft and the importance of rewriting.
I often err on the side of self loathing when it comes to my writing. I find that I tear it apart way too much in the beginning but if I can write something and just get it out and then put it away for a while, sure I might find repeat words, useless adverbs, and other imperfections, but the writing itself in the base form is much better than I expected. The trick is taking myself out of the moment and letting my mind work on something else for a while. If I can learn to reprogram my mind when it comes to expectations with my writing, I definitely believe it will make me a stronger writer.
Trying to get things perfect on the first go is like trying to force a school bus through the eye of a needle. I mean, yeah, it's possible, but isn't it more fun just bending spoons instead? :)

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