Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Cabin in the Woods.

Somewhere out there is a quaint track of land with my name on it. There are a lot of trees, a creek, and the air smells fresh and clean. The view is spectacular. My dream home is a cabin on that property. I've got a well, a septic system, solar panels for hot water and power, and a backup generator just in case. We've made a garden and we grow a lot of our own vegetables. We make syrup from the sap of the birch trees outside. Everything is cozy.
Some days I just sit and listen to the stories of the creek as I write. It soothes my mind and relaxes me. On brisk mornings I look out the windows at the trees and marvel at their beauty, my cup of coffee is just right, everything is perfect.
That's my serene place, the place I like to think about from time to time. Of course, it doesn't even exist. I can only dream that someday I will find it. As of now I live in my quiet subdivision, not far from where I grew up. I worry about the water that drains into my yard from those of my neighbors and plan to dig trenches and install drain pipes that will take the extra water to the gutter. I prepare to finish my basement and move my office. I plan on building a shed out in the yard.
Maybe my cabin in the woods will be a reality some day, surely it will be much more likely if I work and save towards that goal. No one is going to knock on my door and just give it to me.
The same goes for writing. I'm not the best. I would say that I probably fall under the category of moderately good. There are many things I still need to learn, many things I still need to write. No one will knock on my door and hand me my dream of being a great writer. It surely isn't going to happen over night. So I practice. And keep practicing. It's not exactly a hard thing to do when you feel compelled to write. Sometimes it feels like I don't have a choice.
It the end it may take a little work, possibly some embarrassment, but even famous authors still have much to learn. There are always different ways to tell a story, different techniques to use to obtain different results.
In the end, nothing comes easy, nothing worthwhile anyway. I'll have to work to save up for my dream of a cabin in the woods and I'll need to keep writing before I can hope to get better.

What's your cabin in the woods?

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