Sunday, March 9, 2008

Call for Submissions!

With the exception of the toothpick picture (originally from wikipedia) in my first post , all the pictures included in the Writing Exercises on my blog have come from my own collection. Some of them I already had, some I've captured while trying to come up with new things to share as creative prompts for you.
It occurred to me today, while taking more pictures for future exercises, that I really have no way of knowing whether anyone is getting any use out of them. So I've decided it's time to do something about that!

If you write a story or poem or anything else you feel artistic and creative that has been inspired by one of my exercises, I would like you to email me. In return I will read your submission and if I determine it to be appropriate for this blog I will post it with full credit prominently displayed and I will also include a link back to your site or blog. This will give you some exposure and will give you a venue to show off some of your writing. (I will also consider youtube videos as long as they fit the theme.)

Your email should include:
  • 'Writing Exercise Submission' in the subject field of the email.
  • The name of the post the writing prompt was on (link preferable).
  • Your name.
  • Your website or blog address you would like me to link back to.
  • The poem or short story that you have written.
  • Any comments about how the prompt influenced the writing of this particular piece.
  • If a youtube video, provide the link, not the video itself.
  • The work you have submitted MUST be your own.
  • If previously published you must still retain the rights to said submission.
  • No sexually explicit content.
  • No extreme violence (nothing outside the realm of general taste).
  • Swearing is allowed but not to the point where it overruns the content or distracts from the writing.
  • Submissions will be accepted by email only, do not submit via comments.
I reserve the right to refuse publication of any content on this blog at my discretion. All rights will remain the author's upon publication on this blog. The Author has the right to request that his, her, or its work be removed from HuntingtheMuse at any time and the request will be fulfilled at my earliest convenience. All content is the responsibility of the submitter, if it is determined that the work you have submitted belongs to someone else I will be very cooperative with any authorities that contact me about the matter. I do not take copyright infringement lightly. Write your own material! :)
These guidelines are subject to change, please check back occasionally if you haven't read them in a while.

Happy hunting and may you find the Muse at every turn!

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