Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coffeeshop Confessional 2

I would like to share with you another of my Coffeeshop Confessionals that I did this evening, but before I do I must make mention of another Confessional that was submitted by Haley Hughes. Please stop by her blog, The Beacon, and take a look! (This link will open in a new window or tab.) I was very impressed, she did wonderful for her first go!

Now, here's mine:

I did a little editing to clear up some of the text for the picture. It can be hard to write on a napkin sometimes, haha! The fun thing about this was that even though it was a bit rushed (Barnes&Noble closes early on Sunday, surprise!) the inspiration for it came rather quickly. I was standing in line behind a couple that were still clearly in the courtship phase of their relationship. This guy was pulling all the stops and trying to look cool at every turn, she seemed impressed by the attention. I couldn't help but think that his winning smile must be hiding other, less glamorous intentions.
After I finished it up I noticed there was a paperclip that had been left on the table by one of the previous patrons so I clipped the napkin to the plastic drink advertisement and turned it to face the railing that bordered the book section. There was an older gentleman that seemed to be lurking around like a vulture ready to dive in on a dying animal as he wheeled around his big plastic garbage can. I'm pretty sure that the napkin met a rather horrible fate, snatched from its hiding place and tossed into the waste receptacle, likely with a muttered, "Damn kids and their trash."

Not familiar with Coffeeshop Confessionals? Well come on down, the price is right! Tell them what they've won, Bob!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an overdue journal entry to write!

Writing Exercise:


Poetikat said...

You've been really busy, haven't you? Holy mackerel, you'll have to start giving ME tips on how to boost my blog - I'm always looking for ideas.
It looks great though.


Coyote said...


haleyhughes said...

Thanks for the nice words and the link love.

My favorite part of your most recent Coffeeshop Confessional? The URL posted in the upper right corner. Brilliant! :)

Brady Frost said...

@Kat Yeah a couple of sleepless night can really kick the design of the blog around a lot. I think Entrecard has been a nice addition to the blog for exposure just because I've met a lot of great bloggers that love to write.

@Coyote I love it! I will be sure to include a link in my next Confessional post. I'm thinking about making it a weekly thing. Hopefully we'll get a few more bloggers to participate too! I love linking to other people's confessions! (Very nice paint job there, haha)

@Haley Not a problem at all, you did wonderful with your confession! I got to thinking after I left the last one that I should have put the web address on the napkin so if someone found it they could see it online too. I was sure to include it this time around! I'm glad you liked it.