Sunday, March 9, 2008

Don't Read This!

So, it's about time, isn't it? Tonight I will tell you what my goals are for this blog. This will also cover the topics of why I have a donate option and google adsense on here in the first place.

As of this moment I have spent around 50 dollars for a 2 year domain name registration and email for the blog. I really wanted to throw in hosting but at this point Blogger is free and it covers all the basics. I would like to eventually move everything over to a hosted site but only at the point where the blog can support itself. I don't expect this to happen soon, by any means, but it's always a possibility. That said, I don't keep this blog for money or the prospect of making money off it. I write this blog because I enjoy writing and reading and I love everything about creative writing.

I recently signed up for Entrecard and while it does drive a lot of new traffic to the blog, most of that traffic doesn't stick around, according to the site statistics I perform anyway. At first I thought this might be a bad thing, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. In the past two days my daily traffic has nearly doubled. Even if most of those visits are very short in nature, it piggybacks on my Blogrush traffic stats. That means I get more syndications for my posts, that's not bad at all considering those syndications will be showing up on like-minded blogs that participate in the Blogrush program. This could definitely end up helping in the long run.

You get credits by visiting other blogs and 'dropping your card'. You basically just find their widget on the page and click the button that says "drop" - that's it. I usually poke around and see if it's a blog I might like to visit frequently and I've already found quite a few that have impressed me. It makes finding like-blogs in my genre much easier. If I like the content on the site and they have adsense on their page I normally click on an ad and then go on about my business. I've got their card in my Entrecard inbox so I can visit the blog daily for updates and drop my card each day I stop by. I guess in my own way this is my idea of supporting the site, but please don't take that as a bid for you to click on my ads, it's just what I do. Anyway, the credits you earn can be used to apply for advertising space on other blogs of your choosing. If you like their content and want to try to appeal to their readership, you can apply for an ad spot. They choose the blogs they want to advertise. The cost is credits you've earned by dropping your cards and selling advertising space on your own blog. The cost is the average daily drops the site gets from other Entrecard users.

This post is going to be labeled under 'blog promotion' and doesn't count as my post for the day. I just wanted you guys to know why there are ads on my blog and what I've been doing to try to promote it. If you set up an Entrecard account let me know! I'll be sure to stop by and give you some credits by dropping my card and possibly purchasing an ad slot from you. :)

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Melissa Donovan said...

I like your blog so far, and I do the same thing -- click on ads when I really like a blog or post and want to say thank you to the writer. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to make money from your writing, so even if your donate button and ads were for more than paying for the site itself, I would applaud you!

Melissa Donovan