Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Night!

Fun -
It was stamped to my hand as of to remind me that this was a Fun Family Activity, as if to persuade me that a little devil-child on a scooter didn't just try to take me out at the knees.
I was surrounded by demonic children on wheels. They flew twenty feet to fall in front of me, suddenly turned into traffic for a one in a million shot of decapitating me or some other unfortunate adult type who would do nearly anything to keep from running them over. It's just bad form, even if the little bastages deserve it.
I got the phone call late last week, the monotone voice told me that the kids' school was hosting a skating party at one of the local fun centers. I don't usually go for those types of things but I knew I was fully booked today with work and the event started at 5:30. That would pretty much guarantee that I wouldn't work late and that I would enjoy some time with my family. (Nevermind that while I write this post I keep glancing over at my work laptop to see how my migration is going.)
It was fun, but let me tell you, kids don't know how to skate like they did when I was younger. These little baboons were all over the place, they threw things on the floor, and it all sort of reminded me of the game "Frogger" how they all liked to dart out from the sidelines and head straight for the middle. To hell with the onslaught of wheels rolling in their general direction, time waits for no child!
The rules have changed too. It used to be strictly roller skates or "inline skates". It might be a copyright no-no but who called them that? They were always rollerblades to us. Now kids can ride scooters and they even had a sock race. Yeah, they took off their skates or shoes and ran around the rink. That's another thing that's changed I suppose, those games were stupid and there were more of them than there was just plain skating. Maybe it was because it was a school event?
All in all I had fun. I know it doesn't sound like it, but it was good to get out of the house, even if I was thinking about writing this post half the time I was there. The other half? I was trying to stay alive!
It looks like my migration just completed as well, my work here is done!

Writing Exercise:


Haley H said...

Here's the former copy desk chief in me coming out (mind you, I was only copy desk chief at a community newspaper, but the job title sounds impressive): Rollerblade is a trademark, not a copyright. In order to protect their trademark, the Rollerblade company would probably prefer that you say something wordy like "Rollerblade brand inline skates." I know this because I once received an informational letter about our usage of the trademark Velcro, which should have been "Velcro brand hook-and-loop fasteners". At the very least, capitalize Rollerblade, since it is a trademark. :P

*removes copy desk chief visor*

I know, those kids today are crazy! I remember the days before Rollerblades, when they played songs like "Celebration" and "We Are Family" and the disco ball turned on during couples skate. But now I'm dating myself, so I'll stop.

Unknown said...

You know, I recall the trademark thing. I used to get Writer's Digest and the ads about Post-it (brand notes) and Roller Blade (brand in-line skates) - I guess it's just one of those things that you don't think much about when you're tired. Thanks for setting me straight, I;'m sure there's at least one other person out there that also found your comment helpful.

That's a whole new debate though, the issue of branding and literature.

Unknown said...

That'll show me to post a comment at 2:15AM. Why am I not sleeping? ( -; and that=who


Haley H said...

Truthfully, I was just excited to know something useful. My copy editing skills have dulled over the years.

And you're totally right about the issue of branding and literature being a different debate. Can you imagine how clunky the prose would get if you had to refer to "brand this" and "brand that" all the time?

"She wiped her hands on a Kleenex brand tissue then threw it into the Dumpster brand garbage container."