Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Another Update

Today is Tuesday, and what a day of blegh it's been.
For those of you that don't know, I'm a Technical Project Manager by day and only moonlight as a blogger by night. My record for work in a 24 hour period for this job was just a few weeks ago when I started at 8:00AM and didn't quit until 4:00AM. I ate lunch and dinner at my desk, the works. That said, I've only missed one daily blog post since I started this blog.
I spent six years in the military and during that time I picked up these nasty little tension headaches. The thing is, there's nothing little about them! In fact, the reason I missed the one post I did was because I ended up falling asleep in my computer chair. That's the only way I know how to get rid of them, but my body can be a little forceful about it at times.
It just so happens that I feel another one coming on, so rather than waiting for an hour to post and taking my chances, I figured I would post before it gets too bad.

For those of you without psyche degrees, that's my disclaimer, if the post sucks I'm not responsible!

So far today I have visited 109 blogs, clicked on about 40 adsense ads, and left a few comments here and there. I didn't get a chance to work on my Bebo Author Short Story because someone at work took an unexpected day off and I got handed the mangled mess of the migration job they'd been working on. I had the pleasure of uninstalling and reinstalling the whole program and then updating it to the point I could kick off the data restore. I had promised myself I wouldn't work late on this one tonight because it was someone else's emergency, but I ended up spending another 15 minutes so I could get the restore procedure started. It should be done by now but I am purposely refusing to check because I'm half expecting it to have failed and I'm just not in the mood to deal with that right now. Definitely not a good way to take care of this tension headache, that's for sure. After a day like that I need a bit of time to cool off before I can start writing, now would normally be the perfect time to start but that just isn't happening. Haha!
This is one of those nights where I would love to write but I know it would do more harm than it would do good. I just need to go to sleep early and let my body recuperate so I can be refreshed tomorrow. I'm thinking about taking the camping chairs outside to the backyard and writing in the fresh air. I've got a great writing exercise that I've been wanting to share with you guys so if I'm feeling up to it after I write on my story I'll take a short drive and get it started.

Good news, though! My Speculative Writing Writer's Group is having its first meeting on the 27th! I'm excited, that will be after the deadline for the Bebo Author Contest so maybe I'll take that story for my required writing to share.

Check back tomorrow, I should have a much better post and a fun writing exercise if everything goes well!

Writing Exercise:


Kat Mortensen said...

Headaches? Try Tiger balm on your temples. Actually, the only thing that really works for me are Advil Liquigels. They get into the bloodstream fast, and I can function with them in my system.

Good luck!


Don't post this comment if you don't want to.

Unknown said...

Why wouldn't I want to? Maybe other people get some nasty headaches too. :)
Thanks for the tips.