Saturday, March 1, 2008

Old Poems

These are old, and when I say old I mean years and years old - some even from High School.

"Time to Love"

Out of Summer skies of blue
my heart, at once, it longs for you,
and in this darkness I wish you near
to vanquish all the things I fear.

Alas, this evening the winds dance low
and create for us an eerie show
of Autumn leaves which have turned brown
which leap and drift ever slowly down.

My thoughts, to you, have turned with ease
to calm the coldest of Winter breeze.
Your laugh, your smile, your heavenly touch,
nothing could ever mean as much.

So in this Spring, with flowers new,
I stop to dream of things to do
to show my thanks to God above
who's taught me now, take time to love.

© Brady Frost

"Soft Summer Breeze"

I had a dream I died that day
and all that I knew just passed away.
Dressed in white linen I talked while you slept
and then in the morning I departed and wept.

When you found my frail body you started to cry,
the Lord called me home and you didn't know why.
At the funeral procession you followed my desire,
of course there was music and laughter like fire.

This dream, not a dream, but a nightmare - you see,
because no laughter was heard and no toast given to me.
You were sad and heartbroken - there wasn't a sound.
No one laughed merrily, not a smile could be found.

I woke up alive and rather distraught,
how lucky to have you and hold you, I thought.
You held me so close and I loved you with ease
and your touch brought me comfort like a soft Summer breeze.

© Brady Frost

"An Ode"

Ode to my locker,
ode to my shoe,
ode to the hall-pass,
this poem is for you.

Ode to the teachers,
ode to the books.
Of course, ode to you
and your stunning good looks.

Ode to my socks
and ode to my shirt,
ode to the grass
and ode to the dirt.

This is an ode
of no stunning grace,
but an ode, yes it is,
for this very place.

Goodbye Clearfield High!

© Brady Frost

Last one!!!!!!

"Will I Love Again?"

I often long for one to hold
and cherish oh so dear,
but when my heart becomes so bold
it's all those things I fear.

A cloud enshrouds my aching heart
as I now gaze at you
and when I feign to play my part
my pain's in plainest view.

Thus when I look into your eyes
I see the love you hold inside,
and all my hate I do despise,
along with all these things I hide.

Now I think of times ago
and every how and when.
But of to come I do not know,
Will I ever love again?

© Brady Frost

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