Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ramblings Unlimited

I think I will use tonight as a bit of a free night. I've got a lot going on in my head so I figure some controlled rambling might help smooth things over a bit.
We went and picked up the five trees we bought the other day. Once I get these new ones planted we'll have a total of 15 in our yard. I like trees, a lot. I guess in that respect it's good that they help clean up the air, heavens know we pollute it enough. You would think people would go green these days as a result of direct shock from the gas prices but I guess things aren't that simple. I don't know, I just keep thinking about the kind of people that are currently empowered by international oil sales and then I look at the damage we're doing and I can't help but wonder how things work out this way. I honestly don't care if some scientist or even a group of scientists try to tell us that global warming is a ruse. In all actuality, it doesn't matter. Look at the air outside as you drive toward or away from any major city and just think of how much you end up breathing in. Yeah, that yellow smog cloud has your name all over it.
I guess that's one thing that living in Alaska did for me. It opened up just how clean fresh air can smell. Sure, around Anchorage there was as much smog as anywhere else, but once you drove out of the 'bowl' and into the wilderness, you could roll down your windows and smell the clean, crisp air. The difference was unbelievable. It was like camping.
We're also building a shed in the backyard, it's turning out to be a pretty decent size. It will be nice to get it finished and finally have something to store our lawn tools and other odds and ends in. My Father-in-Law has been nice enough to come over and help. I say help but so far he's pretty much done just about all the work. My job as a Technical Project Manager has been keeping me rather swamped lately. I know he is getting a kick out of doing it, but I wish I could help more during the day. By the time I get off work he's about ready to pack up and head for home. He's got a one up on me since he's off work this week. I know there are funner things that I could think of to do with a week off so I really appreciate his help.
What else is going on? I'm currently sifting through ideas for my next short story. I just finished up the one for the Bebo Author contest that I've been talking about. I got it through the draft process and read it aloud to find any mistakes I might have missed. Once I had it polished I turned it in and made the deadline. I'm really very proud of it. Obviously I hope it wins, but even if it doesn't I will still be happy I took the time to write it. It definitely makes me feel something when I read it and that is a very integral part of my writing lately. If it wins Claire will post it on her site and if it doesn't then I will definitely post it here. It's 4000 words so it is a bit long for the blog format but until I get my own hosted space I don't have a whole lot of options.
I have come up with a few ideas that could help my blog generate a little more money. So far I've got a whopping 15 bucks from Adsense. Of course, you can't get a payout until you reach $100 though. I've been very excited about some of the layouts I've seen as I drop by other blogs.
I rather like a few and can think of a few ways to tweak them to my liking:
Besides, they're good blogs that I like to visit anyway. ;)

So yeah, my goal is for this blog to be on a hosted server and I'll make the switch to wordpress formatting. The only catch is that the blog has to make enough money to pay for the hosting first. My hobby is writing and blogging is definitely a new interest, and it's nice to combine the two. But, and I really mean it, I'm not ready to start throwing money at it. There are other things my money needs to go towards right now, like a shed, and then finishing the basement. These are important things for my whole family, so the blog will have to wait. I mean, I'm the guy that doesn't have a cell phone. Yeah, the one guy on the face of the planet. That's me.

Anyway, those were my ramblings tonight, and yes, I do feel much better. Thanks for listening!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the link -- I'm honored you like my layout that much! I keep meaning to design a few more banners to rotate. In time. :)

Don't worry about the cell phone... I didn't have one until just lately. And only because I need some sort of phone in case of emergency. Otherwise, I'd choose not to have one at all.

One good thing about Blogger and Wordpress is that it's pretty easy to transfer all your posts to Wordpress from Blogger. I did that when I merged and moved my accounts. So you don't have to lose anything at all!

Tam said...

Figpress does look nice, but the live traffic feed there always scares me.

It knows where I live. I thought magic was supposed to have limitations.