Monday, March 10, 2008

Kat's Writing Exercise Submission!

Poetikat from Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes

I enjoyed this piece of Brady's because it awakened a slumbering dream of living in the country. I would love one day to be, not necessarily in the woods, but farther away from civilization, in a little cottage, with a few indoor animals and a few farm animals. If I ever had the opportunity to care for a deer, I would. It would never be cultivated for venison, only kept as my companion.
I'm an animal lover and the photograph writing prompt recalled to mind a poem I wrote last year after a young deer somehow found itself in the Legislative Building in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The Daily Gleaner of Fredericton, published the poem on their Opinion Page.
I feel compelled to submit it in response to the Hunting the Muse call.

Inspired by "My Cabin in the Woods"

Morning of a Fawn

What must have possessed him

Climbing steps of stone

Ent’ring hallowed halls where

Only man has gone

Pointed stars directing

On his lonely quest

Eyes to front, he’s charging

Which way out is best?

Up and over desktop

Papers fill the air

Crashing heavy objects

Flying tufts of hair

Over in the distance

Streaming on the floor

Sunlight from a window--

Should have used the door!

Slack jaws hanging open

Beast is gone, pell-mell

Speculating’s rampant

Home to park Odell?

Harshness of the winters

Population dropped

Numbers on the rise now

Time the harts were stopped.

©2007-Kathleen Mortensen


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Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful piece. And I like your Writing Exercise Submission idea, it gives others the chance to showcase their writing prowess. You have an excellent writing skill yourself Brady, God bless and more power to your blog.