Friday, April 4, 2008

Creative Writing Exercise

First off, I would like to thank those of you who suffered through my April Fools joke on the 1st. I had a lot of fun doing it and I tried to make it cheesy enough to not be 100% believable. I do like the idea of putting together video posts every now and then, though, and this was a great way to have fun while experimenting.

The other day I posted a Creative Writing Exercise that I promised I would elaborate on. Unfortunately I haven't heard a peep from the leader of our Speculative Fiction Writing Group, so I'm just going to have to wing the meaning. Hopefully I remember it well enough.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in the creative writing exercise earlier, you can take a few minutes to complete it now before reading further. Just follow the link above and you will find the exercise at the bottom of the post.

Here's what I wrote:

1. (You're in a forest, describe it)
As the first breath of consciousness enters my being, I realize that I'm no longer in the familiar surroundings in which I fell asleep. I keep my eyes closed and allow the clean air to fill my lungs. I listen to the sounds around me, the ambient orchestra that nature is conducting for me alone. I feel the forest loam beneath me, it is soft and inviting. I open my eyes. I open my eyes and gaze upon my friendly guardians, the majestic aspen trees that form a silent army around me; watching, protecting.

2. (You follow a path, describe it)
I manage to stand, my muscles are weary and ache from a struggle I no longer remember. The pain in my side and shoulder is overwhelming, but thirst has overtaken me, I must find water. Before me lies a path. It is smooth and well worn from years of travel. No pebbles line its surface.

3. (You see an object (whatever you decide) What is it, what do you do with it?)
As I follow the path down the gradual slope, an object in the distance catches my eye. The shiny metallic surface is alien in this peaceful wilderness. I approach and take it in my hand. "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Its wisdom is infinite. I tuck it into my back pocket for safekeeping.

4. (As you follow your way through the forest, you suddenly see an obstacle. What is it?)
I return to the trail and the slope begins to increase. The smoothness is shattered by small breaks of pebbles and rocks, followed by patches of boulders that threaten to impede my progress.

5. (How do you overcome the obstacle?)
I press onward, determined to go where the game have gone for nourishment for countless years.

6. (As you walk again deeper into the woods, you see a lake. Describe it.)
The rocks disappear once again and the smooth, dusty appearance returns, my feet are thankful. Up ahead the trees break to the glimmering blueness of a lake. It's as beautiful as the forest I've left behind. A fish leaps into the air, sending ripples that sweep away my imagination.

7. (What do you do? How do you react to the lake?)
I close my eyes again and the ripples dissolve into a memory that seems distant and foreign. The sounds of crunching metal and shattering glass in the back of my mind sends me scrambling for the lake and its serenity.

8. (If you travel even further, what do you finally meet or see?)
I bend down and take a drink. I feel refreshed. The shiny object finds its way into my hand again. It's as much a part of me now as the lake before me and the forest behind me. I sit and breathe. I finally see. I place my head in my hands; the tears roll down my cheeks freely.

Creative Writing Exercise:
Check the comments for this post for the "meaning" of each of these paragraphs. Write about how the meaning applies to what you've written. Do you agree or disagree?


Unknown said...

1. This is a depiction of your life and where you are now.

2. This is your perception of your journey up to this point in your life.

3. This illustrates your view of the love of your life.

4. This indicates the journey you have ahead of you. (I'm a little foggy on this one, it could mean that this is how you feel about aliens attacking the earth, but who knows.)

5. This paragraph indicates how you deal with conflict resolution and how you face your problems.

6. The lake is representative of your inner self.

7. Your reaction is how you feel about your inner self.

8. This last part is your view of the afterlife.

(I didn't know the meanings before I participated. It all worked out pretty well. I would disagree with #2 of mine. I tend to associate forests with serenity, so the path does not reflect my own path through life. I like trees. *smile*)

Unknown said...

Here is the list I got back.

The explanations:
1. The forest represents how you perceive the world. It's your life you see around you.
2. The path is your life's path.
3. The object represent your love. What you do with the object tells about your views and sentiments toward it.
4. The obstacle is a symbol for the obstacles in your life.
5. Your reaction to the obstacle tells how you handle the difficulties in your life.
6. The lake is your soul and your inner self. It also represents sexuality. It is you in its purest form.
7. How do you react to your inner self?
8. The view that follows after the forest tells what you expect from the rest of you life and your future (alternatively it might be your expectations of life after death). It might be a symbol or it might be a real view.