Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Introduction to Lyric Writing

Aha! It's Thursday, and what a dreadfully sleepy Thursday it has been! But, never fear, I am here with yet another installment of HuntingtheMuse! Today I began fleshing out the beginning of a three-part series on Lyric Writing.
As I mentioned earlier, Jason at LittleRockJams has requested this piece to help out his guitar students as they begin to expand their music skills from playing existing songs to perhaps writing their own. I am very excited about this project and have decided to present it in three parts. First will be Theory, then Inspiration, and finally I will touch on Structure. I would like to release this series through multiple mediums so expect to see available through blog posts, but it will also be available by PDF or perhaps as a video installment. I am doing my best to ensure that it is not only an informative piece, based on fact and viable resources, but also that it is fun and entertaining as well.
Pay close attention folks because Jason has even offered to turn his students loose on the lyrics of my choosing. They will set the words to music and the song will be recorded. How brilliant is that?! If that isn't incentive enough to participate, I don't know what is!
Before we jump the gun and get all crazy, let me assure you, the judging will be completely fair and based off the criteria that I will establish in the third installment of the Lyric Writing piece. I will set a due date for entries and all submissions received by that date will be considered, with a limit of entries per person, of course.
You can expect to see the first installment of Lyric writing sometime between Monday and Wednesday of next week. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

As a bit of a side-note, my birthday is coming up. On the 28th I will be 28 years old. To celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion, I will be hosting a short story competition. The trick is, it's going to be a bit of a short notice short story competition! Expect to see details about this sometime next week. As a reward I was thinking something along the lines 40 bucks, but you'll have to wait and see when I release the details! Don't miss it!

Obviously, I will be needing all of your help with promoting these two events. I will be passing out the link love for those of you who comment or email me with a link to your promotion post. You can help by linking to the first installment of Lyric Writing early next week and/or my short story competition announcement, which you can expect closer to Friday.

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