Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A New Addition

Last night I went to visit my younger sister in the hospital. She just had her first baby. This is the second addition to the family in about five weeks or so. My brother had his second kid a little over a month ago. It's strange how life moves us onward and how changes seem to seep through the fabric of our lives.
In a way, this all has me thinking about a younger me; the younger me who used to wonder what the older me would be like. Did you ever do that in your youth? Ever ponder how you would turn out?
One thing that shocked me, I can tell you, is that there was never a transition point in my life where I drew a fresh breath and tasted the victory of manhood. It's sort of something that snuck up on me and I find that it's more of a continual process than a destination. Mostly, I would have to say that while I have matured, I'm still very much a kid at heart. I will admit to being a little worse for wear, not the nice little boy I once was, but all in all I suppose I could have turned out worse.
When I think of my childhood I can't help but feel a little sad. There was the pain that I experienced while growing up, as I'm sure most of us have felt in one form or another, but as I grow older and experience the joys of having my own kids I have found a new kind of pain that I never expected. This winter I helped my kids build a snow slide in the backyard. They had a hoot and I was surprised how much they loved playing on that thing even when all the snow on the ground had melted and it slowly slumped down to a pile of mush. As I watched them playing one day, I felt my heart ache and was startled at the realization that my father had never taken the time to do anything like that for us. There were no snow slides, no snow forts. I do remember a lot of driveway shoveling while he was inside reading his paper though.
This isn't a post about how horrible my childhood was. It isn't a pity party. It's just the outward expression of the thoughts swirling around in my head this evening. If anything, just take a moment to think about the little things you do that other people take great joy in. One moment in time can change lives.

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Ken Armstrong said...

Hey Brady! I still feel like a kid and I'm 97 :)

These times you spend with your kids will stay with you to warm you forever - as for those previous generations, it was a different time, (y'know?) and different priorities applied.

Nice blog though.

Unknown said...

Haha, 97!? If I recall you are closer to 45! :D Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe I read a post on your blog a few weeks ago about your habit of watching movies with your son. So I take your comment not only for it's lighthearted comedic value (which I greatly appreciate) but also with a touch of seriousness. Thank you for the kind words Ken. :)

Unknown said...

I did it again, didn't I? (its not it's) ;)