Thursday, May 8, 2008


I picked up a book the other day called Fablehaven. I intended to get it for my daughter to read, but since she hasn't yet finished the last book I got for her, I figured I would read it first. Before I got my hands on it, though, my wife read it. She seemed rather impressed with the story so I'm looking forward to the read.
I do have an aspiration of writing a Young Adult novel in the future. I'm actually thinking about writing the first draft during November's National Novel Writing Month event.
I did enjoy the Harry Potter series, well save for the last book... as a matter of fact, love me or hate me for it, I thought the 7th was a load of crap. Forgive my honesty. Even more than that, though, I loved reading books as a kid. I remember so many grand adventures, but I'm sure I've forgotten even more. Reading was always an amazing escape. There is no wonder then that I grew up to aspire to be a writer. To take people on adventures and make them forget, if even for a moment, the troubles of their everyday lives... what a destiny.
The post is short tonight but rest assured the topic is not done. I will post a review of the book when I finish reading. I hope to find myself enveloped in a good read this weekend, granted I can wretch time away from the garden and finishing the drain pipes on the West side of my yard. I have neighbors who are quite generous with their sprinkler water, which turns that side of my lawn into quite the foul-smelling swampland. If I'm not careful, I could find some grand adventure in my own backyard, and as fun as that sounds... I prefer my adventures to exist at arm's length.

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