Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jena's Writing Exercise Submission

Jena from Gewgaw Writings Submitted this Writing Exercise:

When I saw the picture, I immediately thought of the phrase "so near yet so far"
- just a small gap between two buildings could be conquered by a single "bridge" - a very simple "solution" to a seemingly unsolvable problem. (no need to go down and use the main entrance of the other building to gain entry - but just erect a connecting bridge, and the problem is solved). I likened this to a beloved who is physically apart from you and could not be "touched" but the "closeness" could still exist by bridging the gap with constant communication, verbal or written.

So Near, Yet So Far

You whisper, I love you,
It slips into space..
The broad expanse of blue,
is gone in a blaze.

You're oceans away,
but we're just a gap apart.
so near yet so far..
I could touch you in my heart.

Let's reach out and hold fast,
until good fate would favor us.
For our love would forever last,
till the time - that die - we must.

© Jena Isle, 2008

Your blog is very encouraging for aspiring writers like me, and most especially to creative writers.
More power to you and happy blogging.

Jena Isle

God Bless.

*If you would like to submit something you've written that was inspired by any of the writing prompts I have included throughout, please check out this post.

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Jena Isle said...

Thanks Brady for accepting my article. I have committed one typo; that should read -" single bridge". Anyway, you have a great site. It encourages aspiring writers to keep trying.