Saturday, May 17, 2008

Out in the Yard

Tonight I am posting from my backyard. I've been spending most of my free time these last few days working out here on the garden and trying to catch up so I don't miss the planting season. I'm not an expert gardener, I learn new things every year. My mistakes last year definitely taught me a lot and I have so much work to get done before we are all planted. So far we have sectioned off a portion of our garden area for asparagus and have gotten them planted. Our strawberries from last year are looking amazing, I'm very happy with their progress.
Today we were able to set up our frame for the grapes that will grow over the entrance. We even got it stained and I should be able to plant them tomorrow. Sixteen tomato plants still need a home so I've got to set up the rows for them so we can get them planted. So much work to do and it never seems like we have enough time, does it?
After the light in the sky had faded, we pulled up chairs around a fire and sat on the lawn eating our dinner. It was a very rewarding evening. I enjoyed sitting next to my wife and looking across the flames in the portable fire pit and seeing my kids staring into the other side of those same flames. It was so easy to pretend we were all sitting around a campfire in the mountains. Sure, the air didn't smell quite so clean but the aroma of the burning wood was enough to bring the mental image to life. Once I was done eating I grabbed my laptop so I could post from the flickering fire light.
I've been working on my short story, not as much as I would like but as I just mentioned, the garden has to get done before the time for that slips away. I plan on making some time to write tomorrow, I'm really excited about it. I decided to work with one of my existing ideas, but the suggestions you guys left in the comments helped me find a new approach to getting the story out effectively. It took away a major stumbling block so I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for posting your comments and getting me thinking. It's always nice to have that kind of support.

I also appreciate your comments about the work in progress I posted the other day. No one likes to hear criticism but I do realize that my writing isn't perfect and there's always new tricks for me to learn. I have to write more of the rest of the story before I will be ready to edit it down. So far that is but a snippet in a much larger picture.

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