Thursday, May 1, 2008

Out My Front Window

Here it is, the first of May, and snowing beautifully. This picture was taken from my front porch!


Laura Brown said...

Lucky you!

Oh no... I'm not laughing... I wouldn't be so wicked.

Haley H said...

Winter doesn't want to go out without a fight this year.

It's a very nice photo, but to stay within the theme of your blog, shouldn't this have been presented as a writing prompt? :P

It sure feels like one to me, because I find an Old Man Winter character taking shape in my head, which I have to ignore, because I'm supposed to be getting some actual paying work accomplished right now. Obviously, I'm off to a great start.

Unknown said...

Laura: I do feel quite lucky to have seen such a beautiful sight this morning. As wondrous as the picture is, it doesn't quite do it justice.

Haley: I actually wanted to write something as well, but for one reason or another I decided against it. I suppose there are times when we decide to capture beauty with our words, and other times where we can appreciate silently watching and mentally reflecting on the sight before us. Maybe when you finish up your project you would share with me the product of your inspiration? I would like that a great deal, if you can spare the time.

Anonymous said...

love snow!

But where we are, we just get ice :(



Lucky duck!