Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too Much Fun in the Sun

Today I ate a tuna fish sandwich. No, wait. That's not right. Today I took a shower. Yeah, that's the ticket. Always best to start with the truth, if you can throw in gratuitous nudity you get a bonus, right? Anyway, back to the story. I was hot and my skin felt like it was on fire under the warm water as I let the slightest bit of tension melt out of my sore muscles. I've got a sun burn.
I guess the heat of being out under the big burning yellow orb all weekend got to me. I felt a bit under the weather today. Once it cooled off though, and I'd gotten some much needed rest, we planted tomatoes in the garden and spread out some of the mulch Tara picked up from the City shredder. Can't beat free mulch!
Now that we have the path from the entry-way lined and covered with chopped up bits of wood, it's really starting to look like we've accomplished something with our time. Moving dirt to level out the flow of water is important, strength draining, muscle stiffening work, but in the end it still looks like a bunch of dirt. Then you get to make rows! The fun never stops!
All in all, it's days like today when you stand next to the one you love and look at everything you've accomplished together that you just know. Even though there may be an unimaginable amount of work ahead, as long as you work together, nothing is impossible.

By the way, I read in a book yesterday that you aren't supposed to water your lawn at night. Oops! My grass is far from that beautiful even colored green. We did sod for most of the front yard (2000 sq ft free with buying the house back in 2005) and the rest was hydro-seed the following year. Maybe with a new watering schedule and a good fall fertilizer spread we'll be on the right track next year! As long as we learn a little each year I will feel good about not having the perfect lawn. It's the journey, not the destination.

Creative Writing Prompt:

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Re: Creative Writing Prompt

Irish Helicopter Pilot: you know those whirly-things up above our heads?
Irish Helicopter Co-Pilot: The Rotarians?
Irish Helicopter Pilot: Yup, them boys.
Irish Helicopter Co-Pilot: What about them?
Irish Helicopter Pilot: They've stopped 'rotaryin'... is that a problem, like?
Irish Helicopter Co-Pilot: oh yeah, the cockpit might start over-heating any time now...