Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blogrush? No thanks!

So, I have decided to remove the Blogrush widget from my blog. This piece of junk earned me maybe 5 clicks since the day I integrated it into HuntingtheMuse. Some people may be happy with whatever might come their way and choose to rejoice about the additional 5 visits. Not me.

If you figure that programs like these actually benefit from having their widgets on blogs and then figure your own rate of return, is it worth the clutter? One might argue that to make Blogrush work for you, you should post about how great it is as a blog promotion tool and encourage people to sign up through your widget. Are you kidding me? That's just not compatible with who I am or what I'm interested in.

What am I interested in? Well, writing of course! But it's been hard to write lately with all the hours I've been putting in at work. I had 29 hours of overtime last week and another 7 just last night. The rest of the week looks slated to be around the same. Welcome to Summer, right?

I need to write a short story before July 30th. That sounds pretty easy but I've still got the family and projects in my yard to look after. We've been trying to do more fun things to compensate for the extra work, so far it's helped a lot. The extra hours haven't been quite as stressful as I first expected, either. Which is quite surprising. But I am still tired and mentally drained by the end of the week. I'll just have to try to work through it and see what I can get.

Bottom line: I'm workin' my butt off here, Blogrush, no free lunch! You're outta here!

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Anonymous said...

I'm oncall. :)

You can imagine what that does to my blogging and writing time. (Thus my blog and serial have fallen quiet. Sigh.)

Jim Murdoch said...

I agree with you on BlogRush. I've had it longer and done better out of it. I was getting as many as 16 visits per post but that's still nothing and who's to say they're reading? I keep meaning to get rid of mine. I'm all for keeping my blog as clean as possible.

Jena Isle said...

What about entrecard?
You're not giving up on it, I hope? Cheers!

Unknown said...

Entrecard is pulling its weight so it can stay. :)
I have a pretty good post scheduled to pop out tonight, I think you'll like it.


Tami P said...

I have to admit I agree. I thought it was a great idea at first, but of the thousands of 'syndications' I've garnered, I've gotten about 3 clicks.

The thing that really irritates me is that I've visited some of the blogs on my widget--some were great, and I'm happy I found them, some were utter trash however, and not even a blog, but a one page ad instead--and a lot of the times those spam 'blogs' didn't even have a widget on them!

The only reason I've held off taking my widget down is I have truly found some interesting blogs by clicking on my own widget.

Soon, that reason will wear thin, I'm sure.

Laura Brown said...

I think I still have Blogrush in my scroll bar. It's in kind of no man's land there.

Unknown said...

Good riddance, I say! I don't miss Blogrush one tiny bit!