Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Been Workin

Oh my goodness... I've been working so much this last week. Tuesday was a 16 hour day, Wednesday was 17, yesterday was 14 and though I was sure today was only going to be 9 it quickly turned into 12. That's a lot of overtime.

In fact, I couldn't even imagine writing this post about 5 minutes ago. I have quite a bit to say, but have you ever felt like just being quiet and saying nothing at all, just you can listen to silence? Yeah, I guess that's just how busy this last week has been.

To console myself, I have been looking at recreational property. I found one piece out by one of the National Forests that has 50 acres, but they want 139,000 for it. If it were a 30 year loan I could probably swing it with no real problem, but since there are no structures on the property the banks treat it as a lot loan, and the term on that type of loan is generally around 5 years. That definitely isn't in my price range.

When I was in the military I spent four years up in Alaska. We used to go on these camping trips and pan for gold in the streams. Of course, we never really found any nuggets but the little flakes at the bottom of the pan were always so exciting to see. I could do it for hours and hours. The air smelled so fresh and the sound of the water was so soothing. I dream about having some nice land to be able to run off to on weekends to get away from it all. We're actually going to go on a little day trip tomorrow to look at another area. It isn't forested like the 50 acre lot, but it does seem to have quite a few junipers and pinion pines. That would be pretty interesting in the fall, I've heard people have a lot of fun going out to harvest pine nuts. I could definitely see myself doing that. The land is a bit... how can I say it? Scrubby? The ground has the red tint of desert to it, with bare sandstone type rocks jutting here and there. I suppose we will just have to wait until tomorrow to see it first hand. I'll take pictures and post them up if you'd like.

Anyway, that's been my hectic week so far and next week's schedule looks like it might be worse. Maybe I'll try to put some posts together this weekend so I can post them during the week. That way my blog won't seem so lonely, eh?

By the way, I know there are a few Canadians that visit from time to time. How about those homesteading laws? When we drove down the Yukon from Alaska, I couldn't help but admire how pretty the country seemed. Actually, another thing that was kind of impressive was the random road block in Alberta to check for drunk drivers. The police officer even gave us coloring books for the kids. I was impressed.

Creative Writing Prompt:

(Rocky Mountains in Ogden, Utah)

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Jim Murdoch said...

I can just imagine this big burly truck driver getting hauled away for colouring outside the lines, screaming: "Damn you all! You're just trying to stifle my creativity. What next? Join-the-dots books with numbers?"