Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bear Lake #1

This weekend was my wife's family reunion at Bear Lake. I have been to Bear Lake three times now if memory serves me correctly. We missed out when we lived in Alaska because airfare was pricey and the dates always seemed to coincide with the military exercises I couldn't get out of. Tara did take the kids down one year, that was a very lonely week. Remind me sometime and I will tell you my Denali Hitchhiker story, it was pretty interesting, especially looking back on it.

Anyway, I've digressed. Bear Lake has always been a lot of fun, even for me being an in-law, and this year was no different. Of course, as with most family events, there's always something that comes up that seems pretty bothersome at the time, but all things considered... we have enough fun to look forward to what the next year may have in store.

This year we were a bit too early for the Raspberry fields to be full of sweet berries waiting to fall into our hands at the slightest touch, but we did stop in town for shakes and crossed the Idaho border to buy a few stratchers and a couple random Power-ball numbers (Idaho lottery). I also got one of the worst headaches I've ever had. It set in while we were in town and in a matter of about 15 minutes it had developed into one hell of a monster. I've never been one to throw up when I get a headache, but this one had me dry heaving into a white trash bag. Our little one wasn't feeling very well either and was crying in the back. I opened my eyes and reached from the passenger seat and started rubbing her belly, hoping from the core of my being that she would calm down and stop crying. I looked ahead and the view of the road passing before us was enough to set my stomach wretching once again.

When we got back to camp I was able to go to sleep for a while and that helped immensely. I was so shocked, though, when I got up and wandered to the pavilion for our daughter's first birthday smash cake. So many people were genuinely worried about how I was doing. I hadn't expected them to miss me, let alone be concerned with my headache. But Tara had worked her magic while I had slept. She'd been a bit upset earlier in the day about a few things and making cobbler in the dutch ovens helped get her mind off her troubles. She definitely did an outstanding job. We had chocolate with raspberry cobbler, chocolate with blueberry, and spice cake with peach. Each of the cobblers was delicious in it's own right, and she had made all three simultaneously without any help. She's just amazing.

I'll have more to write about Bear Lake in the coming days and I got plenty of pictures. It's been a long day, so I'll leave it here for now. :)

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Ken Armstrong said...

What you've given is a pretty accurate description of a Migraine:

No fun, is it? :(

Unknown said...

Not at all. I get very frequent tension headaches. The major difference between the two that I could tell right away was that the migraine didn't effect my thought processes and I was able to think very clearly, but had no desire to.

My vision was much more "tunnel-like" and there weren't as many pain spikes, just a deep and constant pain associated with the nausea. It seemed seemed to be stuck somewhere in the middle of my brain, while my tension headaches are rooted in the back of my neck and my frontal lobes. It was a very different and altogether unpleasant experience.

Jena Isle said...

What struck me most with your post was how you can appreciate fully the positive traits of your wife.

Some men just take their wives for granted and unappreciated, (of course, count me out on this one..)
until it is too late to make amends.

Hurray for you!

Unknown said...

Of course, she's my best friend! ;)

Jena Isle said...

Hi , your blog has been featured in Eric's blog. I happen to read it when I read about mine.