Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Silence is the Death of Blogs

So, it's been a week since my last post, and it wasn't much of a post either. What does that mean? Well, if I've learned anything in my time blogging, it's that silence can kill a blog. Once the decay sets in it takes a lot more energy to regain the ground you've lost than simply posting regularly.

I guess that proves that I can't claim ignorance. The real truth of the matter is that I've been working so much that the blog really does have to take a back burner to everything else. There are few things that I can really make time for. And I suppose I've opted to take strolls out the the garden with my wife in the cool of the evening instead of being cramped in my office, where I spend the rest of my day. When I tell you that I've been working a lot, I really do mean that I've been working A LOT. So far this week I worked 17.5 hours on Monday and 16.5 yesterday. I'm scheduled to work all the way until next Friday. Yes, through the weekend and all next week.

This isn't one of those "I'll be gone for a while" posts. I guess it's part rant, part explanation. But more than that, it's a post to break the silence. I don't really see myself as a successful blogger at this point, but it's been a fun adventure so far. I don't much like the idea of just giving it up. Not yet, anyway. I've met so many interesting people and seen some very interesting blogs.

More than anything, thanks for stopping by. I'll try to post a little more often, even if I feel a bit burnt out and tired.

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Jim Murdoch said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again: there is no need to post every day. I post twice a week and that's it. There is so much stuff appearing for me to read every day that I'll be honest, if you didn't post for a month, I'd not notice. I am never without too much to read and I never get the chance to read most of it properly. I post twice a week because a) that's all I can handle and b) I don't want my readers to get sick of me. I want them to have a few days to soak in my post before the next one hits them over the head.

Quality wins over quantity every day. You may not be able to physically write every day but you can think about writing most of the time. So, don't think about it as cutting back. If all you can manage is a blog once a week then so be it, but make it a good one, one that has marinated in your mind, so that when it appears in my feedreader I go, "Hey, I've not heard from him for a while, he usually has something worth saying," at which point I'll tag your post to read later once I've cleared out the rest. That's what you should be aiming for. In my opinion.

Laura Brown said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things you want to do. I took a couple of months off blogging (just made a few random posts when I wanted to break radio silence, as you have done) when I had too much on the go in my life. It was too bad that it happened to be a time when my blog was doing really well. A few readers had posted me to Digg and such and I was ranked high. But, I needed the time away and I took it. Traffic isn't everything.

Ken Armstrong said...

I'll echo the quality over quantity comment above. This is a good and well-written blog and I'll always come by when there's something new to read.

I've been away for a few weeks and just re-posted a few older entries on a scheduler. Lots of people came by and I appreciate that but the numbers did drop dramatically when my (non-excessive) card-dropping stopped. My thoughts on this are that blogging is a bit like being a little mouse in an exercise wheel. The more you exert yourself, the more action you might see but the action soon trails off when you stop.

Best, I think, to only spend as much time in the wheel as is fun (but run hard when you're in there) and then let the wheel spin - or stop - as it may.

Dave King said...

I, too, get worried if I do not post for a while. I guess you are correct about the lost ground, but I do not think we should have to apologise for not posting, nor have to explain ourselves. With most of us blogging has to fight for its allotted hours - and it will not always win. We'd be a sad old lot if it won every time.

Jena Isle said...

This is what i have observed in most posts. The more you react with your commenters, the more they would come back and read your other posts.

Even Graham of entrecard and many certified bloggers realize the importance of replying to your commenters and taking time out to react to the comments. This is one of the best methods to let them come back for more.

Your posts are well written, so there's no reason for your blog to "die".

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the constructive feedback guys! I decided to take a break from work the other night and I went to Barnes & Noble. While I was there I took the opportunity to do a few Coffee Shop Confessionals. I'll be posting them very soon!



Anonymous said...


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Laura Brown said...

Enjoy the coffee shop. I've got a $25 gift certificate to blow at the bookstore. Looking forward to it. :)