Sunday, August 3, 2008

CoffeeShop Confessional

On the 24th of July, I forced myself out of the office and spent about an hour at Barnes & Noble. While I was there I stopped by the Starbucks and got myself a nice cold mint mocha chip frappuccino and set to work. I had a stack of napkins at my disposal and before long I had three confessionals completed. I liked two of the three, but since it had been a while since my last confession, I decided to keep all of them and set about tucking them into books that corresponded with each theme.

This isn't something I normally do. I would usually find a quaint little spot out in the open, and yet somewhat conspicuous, and that would be it. For some reason that just didn't feel right that evening.

This was the one I didn't like. The wording seemed off, the doodle wasn't that great, and it isn't really a confessional. It's like opening a fortune cookie that says, "Steam rises from a hot turd in the coolness of the morning." First of all, WTF!? And second, WTF!? And third, how is that a fortune!? Anyway, this "confessional" got placed into a book about performance guitar, or something along those lines.

The next confessional was a little better. It was actually a confessional. And I must say, I think I did rather well on the doodle of my office. I mean, it's no Picasso, but then again, I don't plan on cutting off my own ear anytime soon. If you can't pay the price of brilliance, you're destined for mediocrity, and your ears will love you all the more. Anyway, I can't remember where this one ended up. I might have actually left it on the table under the plastic advertisement thingy, but I really can't say for sure.

And finally, my last confessional ended up in the green books area. I'm so into the whole idea of renewable energy and moving away from fossil fuels. I love the futuristic idea of electric cars and solar panel parking stations at grocery stores and malls and other large parking facilities. The idea of pulling up to a parking stall and plugging your car into a metered electrical outlet and paying for a quick charge while you shop sounds awesome. Instead of asking if I would like a large for 25 cents more, I want someone to ask me if I'd like clean, renewable energy.

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Alex Moore said...

delightful. good stuff here. thanks for the share.