Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping a Writing Journal

I've admitted recently, several times if memory serves me correctly, that I haven't been writing much lately. But fortunately for me, the muse has not yet stopped a knocking. For those moments of random creativity, I am thankful to have my little writing book handy to jot down my latest idea.

Here is my Journal. I picked it up at Walmart for about five bucks.

When I get an idea I open it up and jot it down. The journal is small enough to fit in my pocket or I can toss it in my backpack or camera bag.

With a small pocket in the back I can tuck little treasures into. These two leaves were interestingly aromatic. Now I can pull them out and take in their scent or shape for descriptive assistance if need be.

All in all, I've really enjoyed having it around. I've collected several good ideas for when I finally get more time to write. I've also started setting up my writing nook in the backyard to give me a safe haven to escape to.
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