Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping a Writing Journal

I've admitted recently, several times if memory serves me correctly, that I haven't been writing much lately. But fortunately for me, the muse has not yet stopped a knocking. For those moments of random creativity, I am thankful to have my little writing book handy to jot down my latest idea.

Here is my Journal. I picked it up at Walmart for about five bucks.

When I get an idea I open it up and jot it down. The journal is small enough to fit in my pocket or I can toss it in my backpack or camera bag.

With a small pocket in the back I can tuck little treasures into. These two leaves were interestingly aromatic. Now I can pull them out and take in their scent or shape for descriptive assistance if need be.

All in all, I've really enjoyed having it around. I've collected several good ideas for when I finally get more time to write. I've also started setting up my writing nook in the backyard to give me a safe haven to escape to.


Jim Murdoch said...

What you will find interesting, Brady, is, in ten or twenty years, going over those notebooks and trying to a) decipher your writing, and b) work out how you could write such dribble in the first place. As we grow we see things differently and a lot of the subjects that interested – even obsessed – me when I was in my twenties I never think about any more. That said, there have also been poems that I have abandoned that, a long time after all the emotion has dissipated, I can look at and go, "You know, that's actually all right, that can go in the canon," and I give it a number, print it out and stick it in my big red binder. I've always used smaller pads than yours and I hate when people buy ne a notebook because I find they're very personal, at least I used to. Nowadays I'm not as fussy nor, to my chagrin, am I nearly as diligent about scribbling down ideas when I have them.

Unknown said...

I obsess about notebooks and pens. I seem to be drawn to them. If I'm walking through a store, it seems that I'm always tempted to swing by the selection of pens and pads. I'm quite selective of my pens, though. The ink must flow smoothly as you write with it, no distractions with the ink, too bothersome.
And it always seems I have room for one more notebook. Always. But I have a hard time writing in the first page. I think it's something about the expectation that this page should summarize what the content of the notebook will contain? I'm not sure. All I know is that I feel much better when I skip a few pages in.
I've heard of other writers being attracted to notebooks as well. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you actually get some writing done rather than simply obsessing over buying things.

Renee Collins said...

I love my writing notebook. Don't go anywhere without it.

With everything that is going on in my mind these days, it is the one safe refuge for my thoughts. If I didn't write my ideas down there, I have no doubt they would be lost in the jumble of my head.