Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heroes Season 3

After last year's writer's strike we find ourselves with a new chapter of Heroes, and hope that we'll get to see a full season this time around. The Premier last week threw out some major plot twists, but is it all just hype to renew interest in a show that left many fans disappointed? That's a very interesting question.

For those of you who missed out on the episodes, feel free to head over to NBC.com to watch any shows you may have missed. This review may contain spoilers.

Changes, changes. The world is full of twists and turns, but apparently not as many as Heroes. I realize they need to reinvigorate and renew interest in the series after the shambles that was last season, but some of these plot twists are a bit much.

Dr. Suresh is showing all the signs of turning into a real super-villain. Will his experiment to give himself superpowers backfire him and leave him tainted and angry at the world? From the preview of next week's episode, it looks as if Future Peter is going to be quick to notice that almost EVERYONE has a power. I find this twist very interesting, but the execution doesn't seem quite right. How did going back in time change things so that this happened when it wouldn't have in the first place? So far there has been no interaction with Suresh, or lack thereof, that would seem to indicate that there was a clear crossroads in time.

Niki Sanders is dead, or is she? Yep, she's dead. But have no fear... Ali Larter is here! Wait, what? It would be one thing to resurrect Niki, we never actually saw her die. But to have the actress who played her now playing another character, who might be a genetically engineered twin... well, it's a bit much, isn't it? We'll have to see how this plays out. So far, everything seems to be pointing to people getting powers who never had them, and people with them playing with others or taking on traits of other heroes.


Hiro is now acting completely foolish and Ando is being sensible. Is this a surprise? Not really, I guess. Apparently Hiro can stop time but he can't take the time to have a simple conversation. You would have thought he'd have learned his lesson from last season when he tried to kill Adam and instead of explaining the situation to Peter while the rest of the world was frozen, he didn't explain and got his butt kicked. Seriously, Hiro used to be my favorite character.

Claire has lost the ability to feel pain. Now she's out for revenge. We've seen clips of her in the future, still trying to be a bad mamma-jamma and failing. So much for "Save the cheerleader, save the world..." Stop trying so hard, eh?

Mrs. Petrelli says, "Sylar" *breathe in* *breathe out* "I am your mother."
Uh, are you kidding me? Seriously, it's about time to 'throw momma from the train' - it's not that I don't like the woman playing the character, or even the character herself. It's just that Mrs. Petrelli is the biggest writer's crutch for this show. If ever there is a super cheesy plot twist, she's generally afoot. Stop it or kill her off, I say.

Speaking of Sylar, he's working for the company now. With HRG himself, no less. Oh don't worry, Claire's adoptive dad doesn't intend to let him get away with what he's done to his little angel... What does that mean? Nothing for a long time to come. People love Sylar, but they also love HRG. "Sylar gone good" is just another gimmick to keep him in the game.

Parkman is in Africa. He's met another Hero who can paint the future, wait... scratch that, can paint HIS future. Uhh, okay. Not only that though, at the end of the last episode, guess who took up the finger paints? I'm not sure why I don't like Parkman as a character, maybe it's because he's always so... I don't know.

Nathan Petrelli isn't dead. And the man who shot him wasn't working with his mother as last season would have us believe. Nope, it was none other than Future Peter. Because apparently showing up a few minutes before the news conference to say, "Hey bro, don't tell the world you've got powers because bad stuff happens" was out of the question? But that's not all. Nathan is seeing Linderman. Did I mention that he's the only one seeing him? What's with the apparition? Is Nathan losing his mind or are we dealing with something else entirely? Only time will tell.

I really do like this show. There are a few things that bother me from time to time. I hate unnatural character progression for the sake of hype, but I'll deal with it for now. At least the show didn't go off the air after last year's early end. Unless it starts getting that sloppy, my family and I will tune in every Monday.

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Laura Brown said...

My nephew watches this. I have seen some of them with him but it is really tough to keep up with it. Each time I see it I have forgotten most of what I figured out last time.