Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sick Writer

Well, folks, I'm sick. All these bugs finally caught up to me. I feel like I spent more than I had to give on my technical writing at work today, but I slogged onward, focused on getting the mission done. Was it my best work? No. But, you know, it wasn't half bad. It was accurate, and that's always a huge plus when it comes to writing training and reference material.

After clocking out, I crashed on the bed for half an hour or so until the family got home. I could have slept for a week to be honest. I’m tired, scratch that, I’m dead tired! On days like these, man, it would be easy to retreat to the bedroom, snuggle up underneath those comfortable sheets, and call those 8 hours of research and technical writing my quota for the day. But I’m not going to do that, no sir!

As some of you may know, Jim Murdoch has been stopping by HuntingtheMuse for quite some time now. Putting it straight, I was absolutely floored this morning when I dropped by his blog, The Truth about Lies. It seems, unbeknownst to a lot of us, that the last few months have not been good for Jim. Every day this talented author has been fighting a plethora of maladies along with the depression he’s struggled with for quite some time. And yet, Jim’s writing transcends the murky abyss with all the lightheartedness of a conversation between old friends. It’s that welcoming aura that grabs hold of you and draws you in. Reading his post today wasn’t like sitting with that aunt who drifts off into dementia and relates all the illnesses and a few imaginary illnesses that she’s been burdened with. You know what I’m talking about. Those conversations that beg for attention and scream that we don’t suffer as they suffer.

No, Jim laid his humanity on the line and gave it to us firsthand. He told us of his struggle, not as a cry for attention and not as a means of perverse boasting, but as one old friend to another.

So, while I may only be dealing with a cloudy head that pulses with heat, and an achy back that screams at the slightest movement, even though my legs feel like boulders and my fingers think faster than my brain, and despite my ragged coughs, I will persevere today, and I will be thinking of Jim while I do.

Please take a moment to stop by Jim’s blog and take a look around. If you’ve never met him, today is a good day to get acquainted, he’s got plenty of archives to peruse through and many a fine read.
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