Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vista Speech Recognition Blog Post

Tonight’s blog post will be a combination of efforts utilizing Windows Vista Speech Recognition and good old fashioned typing. So far my efforts have been using word to dictate this entry, however the learning curve is slightly greater than I would have hoped. Most of the problems I'm experiencing are rooted not in misinterpreted words, but instead commands overwriting what I wish to say.

This could be a viable way to establish drafts or quickly jot down an idea before it escapes into the ether. If only one were able to adjust to the commands and enunciate clearly, while still maintaining the train of thought necessary to keep the muse within arm’s reach. Though I must admit, as I continue on with this entry I am noticing that certain phrases cause more grief and others. It may be better, in some regards,to opt for one of the new, more technologically advanced, dictation devices that save recordings as .mp3 files which can be uploaded to your computer via USB cable. If you have a loving wife or husband or assistant, they could always help by dictating these wonderful ideas for you while you pursue the grandeur of your writing adventures or misadventures, whenever the case may be.

I will now stop dictating through the use of speech recognition, and return to the standard typing procedure. Thank you for bearing with me during this brief experiment.

I've been trying to think of alternate ways to capture my thoughts before they escape. Those of you who watched me suffer through last summer will understand when I say that beginning around the end of May through September I'm going to be very busy with work. I often refer to the three consecutive 20 hour days on the tail end of a ten day work spree where the fewest hours per day was 14 with an average of around 16.5... This wasn't exactly voluntary, now mind you.

While I do like the "niftiness" of Vista's Speech Recognition software, it seems like it might be too cumbersome of a process to adequately translate my musings. I will probably save up around 40 bucks and try one of the newer dictation devices with USB export function. It's important to me to be able to move these files over to my computer and organize them accordingly. Also, the portability would allow me to capture ideas while staring at the campfire if I can somehow manage to sneak the family away.

Why not just write it down? That's a good question. I actually think better with a pen in my hand. My dictation of creative endeavors is riddled with uhm's and uh's and swirling phrases as I turn ideas over in my head and think on the fly, pealing away layer upon layer of the onion that encompasses my creation. In honest truth, I would like to just write it down, and draw little doodles as my mind works out each process and develops each morsel into a crumb and each crumb into something more. But this summer will not afford such opportunity. In the hectic fight to get everything done in the seemingly impossible flurry of scheduling nightmares and admins who don't have their act together, there is little time for the creative musings. If you don't catch them as they speed through your thoughts, they go, they leave you feeling lost and alone and wondering what the future may have held if only you'd been able to grab onto them.

I fully intend to keep working on my current project, even through the tortuous schedule that invariably awaits me. I will do so through fatigue, and mental cloudiness. I will do so on the darkest of days when I fight for the mental fortitude to ask myself why I bother. I will do it because it's what I'm programmed for and anything else but writing is a step in the direction of something else. It's a winding road, but it is the road I travel and I have the power to change my course.

Thanks for 'listening'.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to play around with Vista's speech-to-text program. I think I'll do that when I do my freewriting today.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've read this. It is an amazing gadget, I think. Hope it becomes available locally.

Interactive Speech said...

I have used Windows vista speech recognition. With a little training it is really fun to operate your pc with voice commands.