Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rejection Letter - "Breakfast with Johnny".

I got a rejection letter for Breakfast with Johnny! Yeah, I supposed I could be a bit bummed out, but at least I tried submitting it somewhere. Check it out:


Dear Mr Frost,

Thank you for sending us "Breakfast with Johnny". We appreciate your patience as Escape Artists Inc. undergoes a major restructuring and expansion of its staff. I am the new managing editor of Escape Pod working under Steve (edited).

I've reviewed your submission, and decided not to purchase it. The story didn't grab me, unfortunately.

Thank you for your submission, and best wishes for you and your work.

Jeremiah (edited)
ESCAPE POD - The Science Fiction Magazine (edited)


So, how shall I react to this response? I guess it would be easy to give up on selling anything to this outlet, or I could go the other direction and make it my goal to submit something that they'd accept. Either way, a rejection letter is better than not submitting anything at all.

In my own mind, I'm this great writer with vast reserves of talent that I have not yet put to work. I know that I have the capability of writing something uniquely great, but I often don't dedicate the time necessary to do so. How I see myself and how the rest of the world sees me, though, may be entirely different. :)

Do you guys have any rejections you've received lately?

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