Saturday, May 2, 2009

Writing for Helium

Aside from writing my recent zombie story, which can be read here, I have recently put a fair amount of effort into writing for Helium differs from Hubpages and Triond in that it relies heavily on its rating system. It seems a bit strange and intriguing at first, but I will give you my overall impressions after I have a chance to see it in action.

After posting a few pieces in the creative section, I decided to throw my hand at snagging a few writing stars. By obtaining stars, Helium writers can start earning money from the articles they've submitted. There are different types of stars as well, one is for writing and another for rating. Once you've earned one star, you're ready to start earning some money.

Jena Isle, one of my frequent visitors, has always been a very big advocate of writing for, and has done fairly well for herself with her part time submissions. She's always been very supportive and has answered many of my newbie questions. The truth is, for someone who is always fighting the clock, Helium can be very confusing at first. Therefore, it's great to have another member who has learned the ropes to mentor you. My only regret is that I had created my account before having the chance to sign up under Jena so she could earn the 5% bonus on my earnings (out of Helium's cut of the ad revenue) for all of her patient suffering while I picked up the in's and out's.

In a very short time I was able to earn two writing stars, a silver medal for Creative Writing, and a badge indicating that I'm a Marketplace Premier Writer. Not bad at all!

Anyone interested can check out my profile.

I intend to write more about my experiences with, so stay tuned! If you're interested in joining up, let me know! I can send you out a referral email to get you started. If you already have an account, but are as confused as I was, feel free to post any questions here. If I can't answer them, I'm sure Jena can - or one of us can point you in the right direction.

Check out the second part of this review:
Writing for #2


Jena Isle said...

Hello Brady,

Thanks for the mention. You did very well at helium with just a few articles. And you could have won easily in the "running" category writing contest had you submitted more articles.

Anyway, there's still a next time. I'm sure you'll eventually win in the writing contests and sell some articles at the marketplace.

You could also post to "Empty Titles" which would give you additional earnings. You could also suggest a title for approval. Good luck!

Marisa Wright said...

I used to write on Helium but no longer - there's a lot of downside to the site. I still have over 200 articles there (because you're not allowed to delete them), so I'm still earning and it's true the income has improved lately. That's because fewer writers are qualifying to earn, and several thousand older articles have been deleted, so the money is shared over a smaller number.

My biggest concern is that in the two years I've been there, they've changed the rules multiple times - so there's no knowing what they may do in future. That's a big concern for a site where you're writing in expectation of long-term passive income.

I now write on HubPages and this is an article I wrote there about Helium:

tashabud said...

Hello Brady,
That's the Jena I know--very generous. I'll check out your novel Zombie as time allows.


Dave King said...

Sounds interesting. I shall keep a watching brief.

Unknown said...

@ Jena, I'll have to keep an eye out for the contests in the future, though I don't think I did too shabby at my first attempt, 5 articles in 24 hours is decent. :)

@Marisa, Thanks for stopping by Marisa! I've done two hubs on hubpages as well, but I don't believe I ever earned anything from those two through the affiliate advertising programs (Adsense and Kontera).

@Tasha, thanks for your nice comments about my zombie story. It is indeed a short story and not part of a novel. I've got another novel-length project I am working on called Ethereal Wings, though.

Duluk said...

I've never heard of It looks interesting. Thanks for the post and advice. I'll check it out; maybe I'll try to write something more substantial than my journal entries. :)

Jena Isle said...

Your articles at helium are increasing in rank. congrats Brady! Well done.

Jena Isle said...

I also mentioned your blog in this post.

Keep writing!

Just me said...

Love Helium and live in Utah - where do you and your wonderful wife live?

Unknown said...

@Duluk You can post articles and get kickbacks from the ad revenue and you can also post your creative stuff to get feedback and expand your reach. I'll send you an invite email and you can try it out.

@Trenna Thanks for stopping by! We live in Northern Utah in the Ogden area. Where abouts in the state do you call home? And how long have you been writing for Helium? Care to comment on your personal experiences?

Marisa Wright said...

Brady, assuming you left your Hubs published and you signed up for your own personal Adsense and affiliate accounts, it may be worth going back and checking your balances.

I wrote 55 articles in my first two weeks at HubPages, then watched and waited - and waited - for the money to come in. In 3 months I earned $1 and almost gave up! Glad I didn't though - I earn $30 to $50 every month these days. And that's not because I've been writing: I've added only 17 more articles.

Compare that to Helium, where I'm earning $10-$15 a month with 270 articles. No contest!