Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coffeeshop Confessional - Overdue

The first part of my confessional is that this picture was actually taken 2 months ago. I got a new netbook (I love my toys) and I had intended on writing up a post when I got home and connected up to my wi-fi, but I guess I forgot.

What's worse is that this isn't the the final version of the drawing that I left behind. I also included a bit of text that indicated what my current project was. The jagged pill is that I'm still working on the same project. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't such a simple short story, but it is what it is and I've gotten done what I have. I tend to berate myself over the time constraints I have to deal with, but that isn't really productive either.

The best thing to do, I find, is to let go of the excuses and just move forward. You've got to have your mind right when you write - at least in my case. Sure, I could do better when it comes to getting right and getting to it, but that is neither here nor there. I've set my mind to trying harder to get into that zone and getting things moving again. My usual excuse it that work encompasses so much of my time and bogs down my mind so much that even in my free time I feel exhausted. That might be the case, but I've got to find a way of taking back my free time and using it more productively. I mean, otherwise dreams stay dreams and reality slowly melts away into a battalion of yesterdays ready to march onto the battlefield of tomorrow. I don't want to become a slave to procrastination. I've got too much left to do. You can't wait for life to be right for you before taking action and moving forward.

My current project is still "The Viability of a Seed" but I expect to have my first draft done by the end of the week. Then it's back to working on my book. I have more short story ideas that I would like to work on, but all in good time.
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