Friday, October 2, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk

We're in the process of having our basement finished; two more bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the rooms will be for my wife, which she'll use for her craft room and as base command for homeschooling our kids. The other room will be my office.

Over the last few weeks we've watched these rooms take shape and have been eagerly anticipating the day that we can finally move in and get settled, finally able to seize our aspirations for this once empty space and make each newly defined area mold to our imaginations. It's been hard at times, looking at the rough sheet rock job and then watching the nicks and dings melt away as the surface is refined with tape and mud.

We started this project a year ago with framing the walls and fixing a lot of the crude flaws left by the builder. After several months of schedule conflicts, we decided that it was time to collect bids and have the job contracted out. There were still a few things that we decided we could do on our own, of course. With my prior experience in Comm while in the military, I decided I would run the wiring for the phone and internet for both rooms and tie it all together in the new furnace room. It basically allows me to have computers and multimedia devices connected throughout the house without relying too heavily on wireless or stringing internet cables all over the place. That was my brainchild, but my wife had a much better one.

Once the workers had installed the insulation, my wife suggested that we take the opportunity to participate in a tradition from the Victorian era that she'd heard of. Sometimes families would write letters or tuck trinkets or other things into the walls of their homes while they were being built. These priceless treasures would stay hidden and forgotten for many years; some were found, others were not.

The idea struck me as particularly brilliant and I decided to print out one of my short stories and quietly snuck down to the basement and slid it behind the insulation in my new office. I figure, this is going to be the new home of my writing endeavors once it's finished, why not set the mood?

I know, in a way it sounds kind of dorky. But if those walls could talk, they'd have a story to tell.


Jim Murdoch said...

I think that is a lovely idea of your wife's. I always find traces of other people's lives fascinating when I come across them. As for your office . . . let me tell you there is nothing that being in a space that embodies you. I love my office. I don't spend that much time in there since I fell ill – I work on a makeshift office station in the living room – but I still love to wander in there and maybe read in my big leather chair (the one in the photo of me on my site). I imagine you've already considered how you're going to furnish it but do take your time over it. It makes a difference.

Emily said...

Oh wow! That is SO awesome! What a cool idea. If we were in the middle of building something I would definitely do that too.

Jena Isle said...

Your house would then have a story to tell when the time comes. I hope they'll discover all your manuscripts. Perhaps , you'll become more famous then.

Clint the Cool Guy said...

That sounds really cool. Great idea!

I like reading your blog. Keep it up!