Monday, November 16, 2009

The Invasion of Dorian Gray

As I sat down to my computer this morning, with coffee in hand, the name Dorian Gray popped into my head. How very odd, I thought. I really have no idea how it got there. I most certainly haven't read the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and if I ever saw a movie of it, it could only have been one of the old black and white's at my grandmother's house when I was quite young.

How very strange.

Of course, that led to a 45 minute foray into Wikipedia to figure out who this Dorian Gray person was which spilled into a life history of Oscar Wilde.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

What a journey down the rabbit hole that was. I must say, I do not envy Oscar Wilde the life he lived. Dorian Gray was the only book that Wilde published, though he was a renowned poet and playwright of the Victorian era. Even still, his life seemed embroiled in conflict, the summary of which left me wondering how it felt to look back on those events before passing. It is not a life I would have chosen, though I don't bear the burden that a homosexual man from the Victorian era would have bore. Being heterosexual, I find myself mourning the pain his wife must have felt. How would it be to marry a man only to find out that he enjoyed the company of other men, so much so that he would end up forfeiting his relationships with his children. Was it noble of her to continue sending him money to fuel his life of debauchery as he made his slow and painful descent toward death? What agony the two must have shared together...

Now I find myself wondering... why this today? Where could I have possibly picked it up? Apparently I must have missed the film that came out this year. In my quest to find a connection this morning, I watched a trailer on but it was the first time I'd seen it. Trailer Here - it seems as though the movie came out in September.

We went and saw the new Christmas Carol movie last night, in 3d nonetheless. And here the plot thickens. Colin Firth played a part in both films. How very strange. Yet, still, it doesn't explain such an odd occurrence. In fact, I may never know why the name popped into my head as it did. As for now, there seems to be no rhyme or reason.
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