Friday, April 23, 2010

Stalled Projects

I'm a little flustered. I've got a lot of ideas streaming in for new projects, but my current projects sit untouched. I think about getting to it, I stare at my monitor for a while, and then I get up and walk away. WHY!? I have a feeling that the primary reason is self doubt. More than that, perhaps I just doubt the validity of the stories I've gotten myself into. I over-analyze everything. I pick apart the tiny intricacies of conversations, replay body language, and puzzle over the complete meaning of the 'scenes' of my life. Is it really any surprise that I would do it over the scenes of my stories?

I have a subscription to The Writer magazine and a few of the issues I have kicking around include pieces on how to reclaim your momentum and how to turn wayward stories around. Some even have the audacity to suggest that I can just give up and move on to another, more interesting story. Pish posh, I say! What a bunch of fuddleycrack. Maybe you can do that later in the game, once you've already proven yourself, but to do so now would be nothing short of creating a nasty habit -- at least in my case.

I guess it boils down to the point that I should know better. Since I can identify what I find to be wrong with my stories, I should be able to formulate a way to fix them or at least identify a point to go back to in order to take the better path. I guess it isn't always that easy, perhaps it was just a bit of wishful thinking. Maybe if I told myself that it would be easy it wouldn't end up being as hard as I'm making it out to be? Blah, sounds like a self-help book. That's not exactly what I'm trying to write here...

So how about you guys? How do you handle stalled projects, be them writing or otherwise?
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