Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching up!

By now I suspect that several of my regular followers, however few, have dropped off. I apologize for the long delay in my posts. What can I say, life got the better of me.

In the passing months of my departure, I managed to make some good progress towards my masters degree and have picked up a few professional certifications. And, would you believe it, I finally finished The Viability of a Seed -- a short story that took me two years to get to a place where I could finish it. Metaphysically speaking.

I've also been lurking at a few blogs, reading but not commenting. I guess it boils down to not feeling like I had anything that I particularly wanted to share. I did, however, experiment with publishing a short story on Amazon for the Kindle. That was a neat experience, but I decided to take my story down shortly after posting it up so I could do it right. I guess the experience could be closely compared to writing a rough draft. I subsequently did some research into Smashwords, an outlet that facilitates e-book publishing across the major vendors. I took some time to read some reviews by authors who had published solely through electronic media, and also looked into opinions on the other side of the fence from authors and agents who believe the sector isn't much more than fad.

Even after all that, my inner me keeps insisting that I should at least try print media when I'm ready to finish my fantasy novel. I still have a lot of work to do between then and now so there's no big rush to make a decision just yet. Between work, school, family, and my increasingly frequent migraines, it's been hard to sit down and write. My mind feels so fatigued by the time I make time that it's hard to concentrate on the task at hand.
I'm still fighting a migraine this evening, so I apologize for any incoherence. I'm doing my best. Still, I've made some progress with my writing lately and I should always remember to celebrate the small victories when I can.

I have a few topics on my mind that I'd like to write about, but the arguments are still half formed in my mind. It'd probably be best to mull them over a little longer so I can flesh them out a little better. Besides, better a few decent blog posts than one with scattered thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to be here. I really do appreciate it.


Jim Murdoch said...

Well it’s nice to see you’re still at it. Part of the problem with having a blog, at least I find it a problem, is that we feel we owe people explanations when we really don’t. I can’t say I didn’t not notice you were absent but I, and probably most of us, subscribe to too many blogs anyway and so your absence simply gave us more time to read some of the others we were probably neglecting. None of us is indispensible. But I’m still glad that you’re plugging away. Sorry about the headaches though. I don’t get migraines – well just the odd one – but I do suffer from headaches and at the moment it feels like I’ve had one for the past couple of months. This is how it goes with me. I tend to get them in clumps that last for weeks on end and then they fade away. I just pop the pills and get on with it and I see you’re much the same. If it wasn’t this it’d be something else. Everyone has their cross to bear.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Brad,

I did notice I no longer receive any emails (I have subscribed to your blog) and I am glad you still "plug it out." This is one thing that we should not do without.

We may be very busy with our lives, but it still feels great when we take time once in a while to write down our thoughts.

I personally find this relaxing. Good luck with further endeavors. I know you'll be a great author someday and I'll be buying a book personally signed by you...

Unknown said...


I can see where you're coming from and it really does make a lot of sense. I don't go to many blogs directly either, they come to me through Google Reader. So I guess I don't notice as often that the content hasn't changed. Though I admit that I was wondering about you for a few days after your bad review post. I did check out that guy's blog and he seemed to have very little history actually blogging -- just a handful of times over the course of a few years. I found it rather odd.
Good luck with your headache... I know I'm wishing the death of mine.

I agree with you completely. I guess I just felt that some of my thoughts were better left to my journal, rather than plastered on the internet. I can attribute it to a few things, one of which was that a person or two from work might have commented about finding my blog. It isn't that I've ever said anything I should regret from a work perspective, more that the content of my blog doesn't match my professional life. So the people I work around don't always understand why a person in my position would have this kind of hobby. It would have been better, for them, if my blog was about building networks and domains or enforcing IT security policies and the like.

It just started to feel like I had eyes looking in that just wanted to poke fun. It took a lot of the joy out of it.

So why start back up? Some things have changed, some people have moved on to other positions... but mostly, I just felt like it. :)


Jim Murdoch said...

Not so, Brady, Colin's main blog is here.

Unknown said...

Sorry Jim, I suppose it did look a bit more sparse than it turned out to be. He's posted a rough average of 2.2 times per month since the inception of his blog 5 years ago.
Of course, it isn't consistent, but that's where simple math puts it without regard to frequency in the calculation.

I was just a bit confused. I didn't necessarily agree with his review of the poems posted and that tends to leave an impression. I guess I just discounted him at that point and left it there.

To me, fireworks don't always have to light up the night sky to illuminate the mind. I've enjoyed some fireworks that have been less flashy but more intricate, exploding in shapes that I can recognize rather than just filling the sky with sulfur. Perhaps that's a bad metaphor to say that some things must be read less casually to understand the breadth of meaning. And with understanding comes the flare.

I'm sure he's a fine chap. :) No disrespect intended.

Jim Murdoch said...

It certainly prompted a lot of comments on my blog with a couple of my readers jumping to my defence and I ended up having to defend Colin. Bad choice of word. And he is a decent chap. He’s from Glasgow too. I’ve been following his blog for ages. He’s got a rough-and-ready approach to writing that I quite like: here I am, take me or leave me.