Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing Relief

I'm typing this post on my Motorola Xoom tablet after spending some good quality time downstairs editing my short story, "The Viability of a Seed." As I mentioned before, I love my Xoom, but some things are better left to the PC yet. Editing is definitely one of those areas that could use a boost on the Android platform.

It was nice to pull out this particular story and blow the dust off the pages. It had been five months since the last file modification date. It's actually quite surprising how much I've learned with how little creative writing I've been able to do. It's becoming easier for me to identify needless words that don't add to the flow or pacing of a piece. It's much different than my writing here on the blog, because this is the way I naturally think and I value being true to that when conversing with those who choose to listen.

As for the story, I feel like it's very near to being complete. For now I've printed it out and given it to my most trusted reader to check for missing words or spell check accepted typos. Ho is this mysterious person? Of course, my wife and best friend, Tara. I'll wait to give it another look in a few days. After all, I still have that Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator test to study for, and the time lapse will help me to find any lingering mistakes. Familiarity in this regard can be very frustrating as the brain anticipates the words and you end up accidentally missing mistakes you later wish you'd caught.

I won't pretend to be an editing guru. I'm still learning. I have a very bad habit of including those nasty superfluous words throughout my stories. At the same time, I both love and hate what I've written while writing it. I've got what I like to call First Draft Syndrome. It has to be perfect on the first go or it isn't going anywhere. I'm learning to fight that a little better and accept that writing is more of a process, rather than an immediate result. The important thing to realize is that there is no single right answer out there. Learn what works for you and go with it, but leave room for new ideas. That's the best I can give you.

It's no secret that I've had my share of struggles lately. Editing tonight was a nice relief from those concerns. Sure, I should have been studying, but sometimes you just have to grab some of that elusive "me-time" and hold on for all you're worth. I plugged my headset in, turned on some music, and let myself let go. I can't explain how much I needed that.

Until next time, may your writing and editing endeavors bring you great joy and relief from the stress of the every day.

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