Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kindle Fire Available for Pre-Order

This is my first real go at ad copy, but I couldn't be more excited for one of the biggest electronic devices to hit the market this holiday season. The Kindle Fire is now available for pre-order and has arrived just in time for Christmas! The Fire claims to be more than a tablet, sporting a stunning extra wide 7-inch display and wielding all the power of the Amazon Cloud, where you can store your digital content for easy access on the go or from the comfort of your living room sofa. Amazon Silk, the reported ultra-fast browser, makes its debut on the Kindle Fire and is designed to make internet browsing as quick as a breeze on this tablet/e-reader hybrid.

Priced at $199, the Kindle Fire is a very capable mobile device for consumers who might not be looking to enter the tablet scene at the price range of the Motorola Xoom or Apple iPad 2. This makes it much more viable for a great Christmas gift this year. With all the features built into this mad little machine, it's easy to see what Amazon did with their time while the Nook Color dominated the e-reader market. The dual-core processor alone has my inner techie salivating over the raw computing power punch this device is packing.

Compared to the Nook Color, which is currently priced at $249 at Barnes & Noble, the Amazon Fire is a sure winner. I can tell you one thing for sure, if B&N wants to stay competitive this holiday season, they're going to need to step it up in regard to their Nook Color Specifications page and the price is definitely going to have to drop. Given my experience with both app markets, the Amazon market beats the living pants off Barnes & Noble's shoddy selection with free daily downloads of paid apps and a massive compendium of choices.

I also like how Amazon makes direct publishing a very friendly process for authors. If you haven't seen it already, you may want to download Amazon's free Kindle Edition print, Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing. This free guide walks potential online publishers through the process of getting their writing out there and available for purchase. Imagine all of those seasoned Kindle and new Kindle Fire owners reading through your novel this Christmas! That's not all, anyone one can download and install the Kindle Reader software on their PC without the need for an e-reader device. That means you don't need to own a Kindle device to read the publishing guide, and your friends and family don't need to purchase one in order to read your work. Sure, you'll probably need to do some promotion on your own to get your e-book noticed, but that goes without saying for nearly every publishing venue for the beginning writer. 

If you haven't caught my latest HubPages article on PublishingThrough Amazon's Kindle Direct Program, take a minute and check it out!


Puala said...

iPad is too heavy and pricey for me since I need some for reading only. Kindle Fire should be the best choice but it just only for US!! Boo

Unknown said...

That's horrible, Puala! What options do you have in your country? I was thinking that it was only WhisperNet that wasn't available outside the US, I could be wrong.

Are other e-readers an option for you? I know Sony has some that are supposed to be decent.... There are starting to be a lot more options on the Android platform and you can get apps for Kindle, Nook, Google Books, and a few others. Might be worth looking into.