Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Unexpected Return

I was doing a search for one of my old writing projects this morning, after having a very engaging discussion with my wife last night, and when I couldn't locate it on Dropbox, I thought to look back at HuntingTheMuse. I was quite certain I'd posted it here back when this blog was in its prime.

Logging in brought back some memories. I remember the community I'd built around this blog and some of the great friends I'd met and had the honor of engaging with. In hindsight, I probably should have kept it going, but I reached a confusing point in my writing career where I began to struggle with my sense of identity. I was sure that a move to a domain with my pen name was the best move.

Of course, as it usually goes when you get caught up in the minutia, I sort of lost my way (and my following). Since I wasn't earning enough with my writing to pay for my hosting and domain registration costs, I decided to let the domain expire.

The switch back to caused a large drop in my following, and I didn't put enough effort into it to recover.

I've been rethinking my approach to writing lately and I think I've matured some since these early days. I don't want to sugar-coat the past. There were a lot of mistakes I made with HuntingTheMuse. There were plenty of ways I let this blogging platform take over my writing and I think I prevented myself from actually writing when I was so focused on building that blogging community.

I'm sure there was a middle ground there, somewhere. But we have to learn things through experience sometimes, and there's nothing wrong with that - you know, as long as we don't let those experiences prevent us from moving forward.

You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on the path ahead. We might get distracted at times or lose our way, but it's never too late to find yourself and set your heading back toward the goal.

I'm glad I didn't completely dismantle this blog; it's been covered in dust for too long, I think. It's time to switch from private back to public and let go of the shackles of my own disappointment.

You'll still find the majority of my posts and interactions at and I hope you'll stop by and sign up for my newsletter. I've got some great stories waiting for you, and I really hope you'll join me on this exciting (and somewhat terrifying) journey.

Please be patient with me as I go back and modify many of my old links on these ancient posts.

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