Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1: Awkward First Episode

Creative Writing Commentary and Weekly Creative Writing Prompts

Welcome to HuntingTheMuse.com's Creative Writing Podcast.

What you'll find below is a series of creative writing prompts to help get you through your week. These prompts are a part of the HuntingTheMuse.com Weekly Creative Writing Prompt Podcast If you haven't already, please consider subscribing.

There are no rules as to how you should use them, but I recommend taking your muse's hand; wherever she may lead you.

Whether you find yourself writing a descriptive scene or dialogue, a poem or prose, or anything else (even if it seems entirely unrelated to the prompt), you have won. Happy writing, and may you find success in hunting your muse.

1. A large, iron feather falls from the sky, landing mere inches from your foot.

It started out like any other day, but you knew things were about to get strange when you were nearly struck dead by a most unusual thing. You instantly think of that science experiment where two objects of differing mass fall at the same speed in a vacuum. But this is real life, not a vacuum. Where did that iron feather come from?

2. But first, let me take a selfie.

It's been a rough night, but after your friend took a massive hit to their ego earlier in the week, you've been doing your best to be a good buddy and let them blow off steam. But, so help you, if you have to pose for one more stupid selfie, you swear you're going to scream. Your phone has been lighting up like crazy, undoubtedly from being tagged in the online photo archive of your night out on the town. Halfway through the night, however, something strange happens. When you finally give in and check your alerts, it appears that your online friends have seen something in the background of several photos that has them spooked. What is it? Where do things go from here?

3. Hello? Guys? Where did everyone go?

After arranging to meet some acquaintances at an old, derelict factory swallowed by forest on the outskirts of town, you make a quick stopover to grab a video camera from a friend. When you arrive, it appears that the gang has left without you. Their cars are parked where you arranged to meet, but you can see no sign of the group. They must have followed the overgrown path through the woods toward the old building. Turning the camera on, you set out into the dark after them.

4. An unusual request.

You're on your way home when a stranger approaches you. From the tear streaks that have drenched their cheeks to their bloodshot eyes, you can tell they've been having a rough time at it. After your awkward introductions, they hit you up with a very unusual request. They have money, lots of it. What they don't have is a friend. Will you be their companion? You can go anywhere, do anything, if only you'll help take them away from the shadow of their misery.

5. The elephant in the room.

You're called into an impromptu meeting with several people you've only met in passing. Everyone is excited about a new prospective initiative, a veritable goldmine of potential. The only thing is, they're way off base with their numbers and technology can't support their anticipated service. Do you expose the elephant in the room or go on with the ruse?

6.  The map to nowhere.

When you stopped for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall diner, the waitress nodded you over to a booth in the back. Halfway through your sandwich, an older gentleman with shaky fingers and a stuttering step walked up and gave you a map. He didn't say anything, but the twinkle in his eye piqued your interest. Like an idiot, you followed the directions. X marks the spot, right? You pull up to the marked destination to find a pair of shovels and several piles of dirt.

7. Hiding in plain sight.

Take a look around you and then choose any one of the everyday objects in your field of vision. Now imagine this thing anew. What secrets does it keep? How is it more than just ordinary? If there doesn't seem to be any striking detail or attribute to make it special, invent one.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's creative writing prompts.

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