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The Hunting the Muse Creative Writing Podcast provides commentary on creative writing pursuits, inspiration and encouragement, and seven daily writing prompts in each weekly episode. The goal of this podcast is to give you the stimulation and practice you need so you'll have the confidence to strengthen your writing and overcome writer's block.

Episode 001 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
The Awkward Birth of the Podcast.

Episode 002 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
A New Podcast. Outlining and Grapes.

Episode 003 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Giving Yourself Permission to Write.

Episode 004 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Understanding Your Writing Goals.

Episode 005 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Doing It!

Episode 006 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Pushing Through.

Episode 007 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Beginnings. (Back to School Twist!)

Episode 008 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Tara Interviews Me - What Writing Means to Me.

Episode 009 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Lengthy Writing Updates & What is Creativity?

Episode 010 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
Fight for your Dreams

Episode 011 - Show Notes - Download the MP3
The Scene that Never Was

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